• Please contact us by e-mail. Please send a description of your project. A comprehensive description is highly preferable.
  • We will estimate the amount of work that must be performed to fulfill the project, and will respond to you specifying the time within which we promise to complete the project, and an estimate of the costs.
  • The details of our cooperative agreement will be discussed during further meetings or correspondence.
  • A confidential agreement will be signed if required.
  • The work will be paid based on stages completed. In general we request no payments in advance.
  • Modeling and computer simulations can be performed in any of the following software packages:
    • CAD programs: AutoCAD.
    • CAE programs: SolidWorks, ProEngineer, CATIA, UNIGRAFICS.
    • FEA programs: NASTRAN, FEMAP93, PATRAN.
    • Stress hand calculations are usually performed in Excel.
  • Our engineering experience is the best prove that your job will be done in a timely manner and accurately. If, however, mistakes will be discovered, and we find out that the mistakes were made because of our fault, we will make our best effort to fix them quickly, and without any additional charges to you.
  • Posting product CAD models for the free download is one of the best ways to increase sales. AeroCraft is specially oriented for the aircraft builders needs. This is why posting CAD at the AeroCraft is a good decision. At the present time it is free. Please contact us for the details.